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Daily Thoughts on Creativity, Leadership and Connection

Challenge the Status Quo

The status quo is an equilibrium. It’s a carefully disorganised balance of people and purposes. But change is inevitable. A leader doesn’t get appointed or anointed, but at any moment you can choose to lead.

Ideas and Negative Space

A marble sculpture is created by taking a block of stone and chipping away at it in order to get the shape you want to create. A similar technique can be helpful in other forms of art and creativity.

Only Half The Equation

Why do we engage - with art, with products, with experiences or with people? There are many reasons, and they are layered. We engage because we seek novelty. This is something/someone new and right now I’m in the mood for new. Or we engage because we seek security and...

You’re Just In Love

Perhaps my first brush with someone really famous was the time I poured a glass of water for Donald O’Connor. Growing up in the early days of the VCR (video cassette recorder), our family’s video collection was largely comprised of re-released MGM musicals. American...

What Do You Think Of This Idea?

Some time has passed. A few weeks. Not long in the scheme of things, I know, but I feel like now I can begin to respond thoughtfully rather than react reflexively and I’d love to know what you think.

Jim The Penman

On the last weekend of every month, Emanuel Ninger would take the ferry from his farm in New Jersey to New York where he could convert his paintings into ready cash. His work had begun to attract a lot of attention…

A Singular Impresario

I think the best art offers you a chance to see something of yourself in its reflection. The work Singular Productions presents gives both its creatives and audience wonderful opportunities to do that. As the company celebrates 10 years, I take a moment to celebrate one of its founders.

Create Your Own

Even artists that have ‘made it’ find themselves waiting for the next great job to fall into their lap. But rather than wait by the phone, you can create your own opportunities.

16 Hardy Street

The house at 16 Hardy St was where I spent a large part of my childhood, reading while perched in the boughs of a tree. This was the age when I was capable of whatever I set my mind to and when I was willing to give anything a go.

Job Security

Many artists overlook the opportunity to build the most valuable asset, their audience. Investing in an ongoing relationship with your audience could be the most significant factor in having a successful and sustainable career as an artist.

Why Are We Never Seeking the Slow Fix?

The quick fix is the first thing we reach for, but is rarely the answer we need.   If we are looking for a permanent solution, or a system that will stand the test of time, it’s worth investing the time, money, energy and emotional labour in doing it right....

Be A Meaningful Specific

There’s a romance inherent in the idea of being a Renaissance man or woman. Leonardo da Vinci was famously a painter, scientist, engineer and mathematician. But our contemporary heroes are more often famous for one primary talent or achievement.