Adventurous Travellers and Roadblocks

“When taking risks you have to persuade others to come along. Some of your more adventurous travellers will jump in, and others will create roadblocks to slow things down because they prefer things to stay the way they are; they’d rather stick with what they know than jump into something new.”

Illuminate: Ignite Change with Speeches, Stories, Ceremonies and Symbols

Nancy Duarte & Patti Sanchez


Who are your adventurous travellers?

The people who –

encourage you to try new things

have your back when you bite off more than you can chew

embrace change with you, even when it challenges their own status quo


Who are your roadblocks?

Though often well-intentioned, these people discourage you from aiming too high or doing anything out of the ordinary because they want to protect you from being hurt. Their modus operandi is to steer away from change, innovation and growth. These people will stick with what they know, even when it isn’t working for them.


You may find that some of your roadblocks are the people closest to you. Your relationship with them is part of their identity. Seeking to make a change that is significant enough to redefine who you are can threaten the identity they have attached to their relationship with you.


The adventurous travelers are not always immediately apparent. Sometimes they’re observing you and your work from afar. Because of their distance they might not know when you could most benefit from their encouragement and assistance. It’s good to practise reaching out to this tribe when you’re actively seeking support – and have a specific ask in mind.


Ask yourself how you can you acknowledge and reward the adventurous travellers. How can engaging their support help build your momentum and propel you forward?


Decide how you want to engage with the roadblocks. Should you make an effort to break down their resistance or just go around them?


How you communicate your vision will make a big difference to its success.



Both groups can help you develop the right messaging. The roadblocks offer you the opportunity to learn how to handle objections and develop a persuasive call to action. The adventurous travellers will take your vision and spread its message far and wide.


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