Be The Teacher

Instead of planning out how you can skip class or leave early today, I encourage you to change your posture.


Instead of being the student who doesn’t want to be there, try assuming the role of teacher.


Think about the knowledge, the skills and the insight you have to share.


Consider the people that could really benefit from learning those things.


Some of your students are out there right now, literally looking and waiting for someone that can help them with the thing that you know like the back of your hand.


Others desperately need what you have to teach, but they won’t realise it until you lay it out in front of them and offer them the chance to learn.


With that in mind, what’s the most generous way you can show up today and be the teacher?


Because once you realise how much you have to give, what have you got to lose?


The image above was taken by Thomas Hawk in 2006. I think it captures the spirit of this post perfectly. The note’s author was Larry Spring (1915-2010), who explored his fascination with physics throughout his life and shared his passion with others and his legacy lives on at his storefront which is now a museum to his life’s work.

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