Beyond DIY

Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods looks set to make both companies stronger. It strengthens Amazon’s push into fresh groceries, adds retail and supply storefronts to its distribution network, and it promises to rapidly revolutionize the supermarket business.


Many artists I know take a great deal of pride in the work that they create for themselves. They write their own songs and scripts, design their own costumes and artwork, execute their own marketing strategy and produce their own shows. Their pride is well founded. It takes a lot of skill, energy and effort to all these things happen.


But how might that DIY attitude be standing in the way of you making a greater impact with the work you seek to do?


Who could you partner with in order to further improve the quality, resonance and reach of your work? Where might you team with a person or business that has different resources, expertise and audience?


Invest some of your creativity in making a list of who you could approach (or whose collaborative assistance you could ‘acquire’) at three different levels.


  1. colleague – at a similar point in their career as you.
  2. hero or mentor – someone who you look up to.
  3. corporation – an entity larger than your own.


Remember that these people and businesses don’t need to consider themselves artists in the same way that you do. Use your imagination to come up with likely and unlikely pairings. Forget about the likelihood or logistics of making it happen and just generate as many ideas as you can.


It’s quite possible that the scale of impact you can achieve as an artist is much greater than you’ve ever imagined.



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