Challenge the Status Quo

The status quo is an equilibrium. It’s a carefully disorganised balance of people and purposes. The status quo determines who decides what in your relationship. It determines who gets to say yes and no in your workplace. It threatens to determine your future based on where and when you were born and to which parents. The status quo invests all its energy in resisting change.

But change is inevitable. And change doesn’t happen all at once. Change happens first with one person, and then another, and then another, then a few, then some, then some more. Sooner or later almost everyone changes, because what started as an innovation is now the norm.

How can you affect change? By challenging the status quo. By seeing something that can or should be different. By noticing a better way of doing things. By acknowledging a better way of treating someone.

A leader doesn’t get appointed or anointed. No-one is born a leader, and no-one is a leader all day any day. But at any moment you can choose to lead. You can take the first step in a new direction. You can step away from the crowd and say (silently or out loud) “I think this way might be better. I’m going to give it a shot and find out.”

Someone will ask why you’re going to do that, why don’t you just follow the program?

Tell them. Show them what you see and why you believe this change is better. Paint them a picture of a future that is more positive, more just, more inclusive or more prosperous. Open their eyes, ears and heart to a truth that once it has been seen, can not be unseen.

Invite them to join you. The cost of action is much less than the price of inaction. Together you can challenge the status quo.


Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

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