Change x Infinity

“There is more change possible in our lifetime than we can foresee.”


Reflecting on my brief time on the planet, as a child I didn’t begin to imagine the changes and developments that I have subsequently experienced.


The internet and the way it connects me with every other person in the world.


Computing power. When I was in school I’d load programs onto the family’s Commodore 64 PC with a ‘data recorder’ (expensive tape player). Who knew that one day I’d have exponentially more computing power sitting in my pocket?


I think back to my visits to the public library and rifling through the baskets of cassette tapes looking to discover new music and having to narrow my selection down to just two for the week. Little did I know that one day I’d have almost instant access to almost every recording made in the modern age via ‘the cloud’.


As a teenager I taught myself how to use a four-track machine to record the songs wrote. I couldn’t know that technology would make it possible to record an unlimited amount of tracks (without the cursed ‘bouncing down’) at near-perfect fidelity. I’d avidly study magazine articles about the famous recording studios and their state-of-the-art million dollar consoles, not realising that in a few years I’d be able to record at similar quality using a computer in my bedroom.


As a young man I didn’t know that I would ever gain the confidence to accomplish what I have. I didn’t know I would experience soaring heights of joy or crashing lows of pain, and I could not have imagined the love and pride I feel towards my son Josh.


The world looks so different now that what I imagined forty years ago. Rather than attempting to picture what it might look like forty years from now, I wonder if I should think about what I want it to look like and start acting accordingly.


Then I realise while forty years will be getting towards the end of my life, it will only be midway through Josh’s. I should be asking what Josh wants the world to look like, and exploring how can I help make that happen.


But I can’t help but wonder if there’s any point in trying to shape the future, if it will just happen despite us anyway?


The conclusion I draw is that it’s not about trying to shape the future around me but to decide how I choose to show up and make the most of every day.


  • What do I want to be doing?
  • What questions am I looking to answer?
  • Who do I choose to be?


It makes sense in the end. The change I can control (now and in the future) is within.


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