Daddy Day Lunch

As a lifelong freelancer I’ve found that you have to make decisions about the days you won’t work more often than the days you will. There’s always something to be done, and rarely someone else to do it. Of course the risk is that you end up constantly ‘working’ in some way and your relationships suffer.


When my son Josh was a toddler I would spend most weekdays teaching piano and the weekends would be filled with gigs. Conscious of how quickly he was growing up I didn’t want to spend his entire childhood working. I made the decision to designate Mondays as non-work days and these became ‘Daddy Days’.


A weekly activity that we enjoyed together was our ‘Daddy Day Lunches’ where we would go out to lunch. Rather than go to a play cafe, each week we would try a different restaurant – ranging from pizza bars to fine dining. I’d set Josh up in his (high) chair and we’d find dishes on the menu that we could share.


I can’t tell you exactly how many Daddy Day Lunches we had, but I know those meals are among my favourite memories of that period of Josh’s childhood.


I don’t think it was just because the food was good, it was that we made it into an event. We gave the event a title. It was anchored in a location that was different to simply eating at home. It was just a meal, but it was one we looked forward to at the time and I remember with fondness more than ten years later.


When we look at our calendars today, how can we make more of the routine events in our lives into mini events? How might we take otherwise mundane events and give them a collective significance greater than the sum of their individual occurrences?


Can we give a regular meeting (business or social) its own ‘unique’ location, rather than the ‘same old place’ we spend the rest of the week? Is there a cafe you and your partner could choose to share brunch at one day a week? An offsite meeting location or even restaurant where you and your colleagues can conduct their weekly check-in?


Adding a little ‘Daddy Day’ magic to your everyday events might add an extra spark of joy to your calendar.

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