The four and half minutes you spend watching this video might change you.

We spend a lot of the day consumed by our own story.

As my friend Anne describes it, our story is built of the images, narratives and internal videos that we play and replay to find or confirm our place in the world.

We are so focussed on how the people we interact with are characters within our story that we ignore the fact that they are experiencing a story of their own.

This powerful video made by the Cleveland Clinic considers the stories of various people within their hospital. Although these characters will look familiar if you’ve spent any time inside a hospital, they could be anywhere. Each person we interact with at home, at work, on the street and everywhere in between are experiencing their own story even as they interact with ours.

Sometimes we know or can imagine their story, often we don’t. Just as they can’t always know ours. What we do know is that treating each other with kindness will never go astray.

If you could stand in someone else’s shoes –

Hear what they hear.

See what they see.

Feel what they feel.

Would you treat them differently?

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