Every Little Step

Some goals and ideas are overwhelming.


You don’t have the time or energy to take them on right now. In fact, they’re so large it might always be difficult to take them on.


If this is the case, maybe your idea isn’t as important as you thought it was or it’s not right for you. If so – you should let it go. Cut it loose. Acknowledge that “this was an idea I was excited about for a while, but on reflection it’s not for me.” If that idea was meant to be, perhaps it will land with someone else who is in a position to do something with it.


Perhaps you know your goal or idea is truly important to you. But it frustrates you to know that you’re not executing it. You wonder how you’ll ever find the space in your life to see it through.


The thing is, you won’t find space until you make space. That doesn’t necessarily mean clearing your calendar to work on it 24/7. It’s making a commitment to begin. It’s prioritising so you can make informed choices about how you spend your resources.


How you spend a significant percentage of your time, money and effort each week is well within your control. If there’s something I want to invest in I consider it when I’m thinking about how much sleep I get, whether I watch netflix, how I spend my discretionary income, the requests I say yes to and those I respectfully decline.


My goal is to get better at executing on the things that are important to me than I am at hiding behind activities that keep me distracted. It’s not my natural state of comfort, but I get more satisfaction from the tension investing in new, meaningful and significant than I do from hiding behind comfortable and safe.


You don’t begin a marathon with twenty six miles, you begin it with the first step. Then every little step forwards is just one more step. You can’t see the finish line of a marathon when you start it, but you trust that if you keep going and going, you’ll eventually cross it.


Unlike a marathon, most of your goals and ideas don’t have to be executed without interruption. You can’t really start a marathon at 7am, stop from 8am to go to work and then come back to it after you’ve tucked the kids into bed. But many of the other projects you aspire to complete can be broken up into smaller tasks that can be completed around the other commitments in your life.


What is the first step you can take today to begin or continue executing on your goal or idea? A step that actually moves things forward. Buying a new notebook doesn’t count, but writing in it does.


[If you’re stuck and don’t know where to begin, email me. Someone who reads this blog can either suggest a way forward, or knows someone who does. Be courageous and ask. You’re not in this alone unless you choose not to ask for help.]

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