Goal. Strategy. Tactic.

Buying into the latest tactic is tempting.

Get the widget. Download the app. Install the plugin.

You can implement it quickly and feel like you’ve accomplished something.

But what strategy is it serving? Does the tactic fit into your plan, help you do the difficult part of your work better? Chances are the answer is no. Instead it makes the easy part even easier, or automates it. Or maybe it offers you an excuse to ignore your work altogether for a few hours.

Are you clear on your goal? Until you can articulate it for yourself and others, even the best strategy and tactics won’t get you there.

We waste our time on the easy stuff. The tactics. Because they are undemanding.

The real value comes from doing the hard part first. The part where your brain hurts and your heart pounds. The part where you risk being vulnerable and wrong. The part where you are your most true and authentic self.

The right strategy will help you define the route and the latest tactics will add to your speed. But what’s the point of getting there sooner before you know where there is?


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