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I’m prompted today by a message I received the other day from someone who subscribes to this site and gets each new post via email. (You can subscribe at the bottom of this page.)


He’d noticed I hadn’t posted in a few days and upon receiving How I Can Improve My Thinking he emailed me to say “Yay! You’re back!”


Seth Godin, who inspired me to begin blogging, often asks the question “Would your audience miss you if you were gone?”


Maybe I’m too modest*, but I hadn’t thought anyone would notice if I didn’t post for a few days. It opened my eyes to realise that at least one person did.


If even one person is following what I’m doing, we’ve started building a community around this project. But a community doesn’t just have one speaker and an audience, it provides the opportunity for conversations that go back and forth between the speaker and other members. As the number of members of the community grows, the threads of conversation become a fabric that knits us together.


I want to design a way for my writing to initiate conversations and continue them. I want you as a reader to talk back to me.


I’m resistant to opening up a comments section on the blog, because I’m less interested in feedback from ‘drive by’ readers than I am in conversations with readers I can develop an ongoing relationship with.


Instead, if you like what you read, if you find it interesting, I encourage you to subscribe to the email list below. If you’re willing to subscribe and put your name to your comments, I’m really interested in what you’ve got to say. I’m not fishing for compliments, but genuine and generous feedback about what resonates with you and where you think I’ve got it wrong or could do better.


Subscribing to the list is your ‘membership to the community’. You get an email every day I publish a new post so you don’t miss a thing.


Replying to that email is the best way to share your feedback. As the community grows I anticipate incorporating some of that feedback into future posts. The site will get stronger as I share the wisdom of the subscriber community and my writing will improve with your feedback.


[The good news is that you can unsubscribe from the email updates any time you want in just one or two clicks and I promise you there will be no hard feelings.]


Thank you –




*Disclaimer: I realise that no one who is too modest says “maybe I’m being to modest”

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