Independent’s Day

Today I celebrate independent artists and entrepreneurs.

The people who who are prepared to stand apart from the crowd, to step up and make things happen.


Who make their own decisions and don’t wait to be told what to do.


Who create new art, products, services and ideas.


Who, in the words of Amy Whitaker, “create something new in the world, that changes the world to allow itself to exist.”


I commend you for your bravery.


For deciding who and what you believe in, and leading a change for the better.


For being prepared to do the hard work and emotional labor needed to bring something new into the world.


For offering up the product of your blood, sweat and tears and saying “Here, I made this. I hope you like it.”


For getting back up after you stumble.


For going back to the drawing board each time your project hits the wall.


I applaud and thank you for making the world more exciting and interesting.

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