It’s Hard To Be The Person Who Cares

We feel an element of fear when we face change. Change, even when it’s for a good purpose (reducing environmental waste, building a more efficient system, thinking about what your audience wants vs telling them what they should want) means challenging inertia.

The person who can see the potential value of thinking differently is swimming upstream into the current of everyone who thinks that it’s either impossible or too difficult to change.

As my friend Melody says, “It’s hard to be the person who cares.”

Being a person trying to make a change can be lonely and unforgiving. But change is important for understanding and improving our personal growth, innovation, creativity, how we treat each other and the way we interact with the world around us.

Think about the people around you today who are seeking some sort of change. Your partner, your employee, your child, your leader, your self.

How can we make it easy for these people to care about and act upon the things that are important to them (which will sometimes be the same as what’s important to us, but not always)?

How do we design an experience that rewards them for doing the brave/unconventional/emotional/risk-taking work that is required?

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