Lead Something New

Sometimes in the excitement of starting something new we think we have to start everything from scratch and ignore the knowledge and skills that we can already access.

A good friend of mine has begun a new project. It is something that she would like to grow fairly quickly and that obviously has the capacity to scale and impact thousands of women worldwide.

She noticed early on that the project was a lot for one person to tackle on her own. When we chatted I challenged her “who can you ask for support” to take the pressure off doing it solo.

Thinking on the idea further, I remembered that in her 9-5 job, she leads and manages considerable sized team. She pulls people together to get more done as a group than they would individually.

How can she draw on the experience she has in her established career to benefit her new project? Transferring knowledge and skills from one area of our life to another seems obvious from the outside looking in but isn’t always when you’re in the thick of things.

In her day job my friend inspires and leads her team to ideate and execute daily. She is clearly very talented at this. She understands the requirements of the projects she oversees and has learned how to use empathy and understanding to empower her colleagues to do work that makes them all proud.

Leading a team in this new project – effecting social change for women requires her to take full ownership of the vision. This is not executing a plan sent down from the CEO. This is BEING the CEO. This leap is about having an idea and a need for change that fires you up so much you can draw upon the courage to share it with others in a way that inspires them to take up the cause.

Debbie Millman says that courage beats confidence. Confidence is what you get from doing something successfully repeatedly. The only way to get to confidence is through courage. The courage to step out on a limb and try something new, something that might not work. Be courageous over and over until confidence ambles over and says “I got this.”

Being creative in any field takes courage. Any time you make something new there’s a chance it might not work. Not working is not the same as failure. Failure is not stepping up to take a swing.

It’s your turn at plate. Be bold. Be courageous. Make your game the most fun in town. Invite a few key players to join the team and then empower them to do work that’s so awesome others will clamour to join you.

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