What lens are you using as you look at the world?

There are things we can do to improve the way we see.

Sometimes you slip on a pair eyeglasses to correct your vision. You invest in finding a prescription that enables you to see more clearly.

Sometimes we see things through the perspective of someone else’s lens. We’re constantly presented with people and situations through the lens of a narrative offered by a friend, colleague, artist or news source.

When you put on your own glasses, you know where they came from and you’re familiar with their strengths or limitations.

When you’re offered information through someone else’s point of view, consider how their lens informs what they’re asking you to believe.

Every lens introduces a degree of distortion or aberration. Some improve your vision, others cloud it. We need to concede that none of us ever see ‘perfectly’. Not even 20/20 vision is flawless.

Next time you assume you’re seeing something clearly – take a moment to ask which lens is shaping your perspective, and how. When you’re in disagreement with someone about how a situation is being viewed, perhaps you could try swapping to their lens for a moment and see how that affects what you see.

Looking at something through another person’s point of view is a gift. It offers you the opportunity to understand how another person experiences the world, granting insights that you may never have found on your own.

Will the lens you choose today introduce more clarity to your thinking, or will it add distortion and noise. Which of the two are you seeking?

What you see affects what you think.
And vice versa.

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