Live Light

The Light Phone is masterfully designed as “your phone away from phone.” A credit-card sized phone that doesn’t text, take photos, receive emails, show notifications. It just makes calls. You can leave the distraction of your smart phone at home, trusting that calls to that number are forward to your Light Phone. The creators offer this product as a tool to escape from the overwhelm of constant connectedness.

A phone that just performs one task. Phone calls.

A beta-tester of the device shared his experience running a twenty minute errand in his own neighbourhood, noting that without the distraction of a screen in front of his eyes and headphones in his ears he was able to notice nuances of his surroundings that he’d ignored for months. Streets he walked every day looked different.

What would it mean for us to focus our time and attention on the one thing we are meant to do?

How do we need to do in order to shut out the …
• noise and distractions?
• attention demanding notifications?
• overwhelming fire hydrant of news and content that we can’t possibly keep with?

… and spend a day a week working towards being the absolute best we can be at ONE thing.
• Write the best song you can
• Create the best product for your market
• Be a master of sales or marketing
• Be the most present parent

If you want to be more like the Light Phone, what jobs/skills/tasks can you REMOVE from your feature set in order to focus on the thing you do that has the most impact in making the world a better place?

Try it. Go light for a while and see what happens.
H/T Debbie Millman on Chase Jarvis LIVE

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