Make A Bolder Choice

In a room full of actors today we were discussing what it means to make a bolder choice.


The rehearsal room is an environment designed for experimentation and creativity. While you’re developing a new work, you are encouraged to make bold choices about your own actions and bold offers to your fellow artists. This enables you to fully explore the options that are available to you.


Bold in this context means deviating from the expected. Instead of staying in the ‘centre’ and playing it safe, bold means pushing towards the edges. What can I do here that’s different and unexpected? Am I willing to take the risk of trying something that might not work?


What is something I can offer here that no-one else would think to do, or would be able to do?


There’s a chance that your bold choice will fall flat, be poorly received or turn out to be the wrong choice for this time and place.


And there’s a chance it will work.


There’s a chance it will lead to a discovery or insight that changes the way you think about your work. There’s a chance that your bold choice will change the way you think about the world. There’s a chance that the bold offer you makes will change the way other people think about the world.


Being bold offers you the potential to have tremendous impact, whereas being timid will maintain the status quo at best.


Make your choice wisely.

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