Old Man Rant

I tried to watch something on Stan (a video streaming app) last night, and when the show I’d clicked on didn’t start playing within thirty seconds I exited that app and went to another to watch a different show instead.



  1. If it didn’t really matter to me which show I watched, did I really need to be watching one at all?
  2. At that moment I thought waiting more than thirty seconds was unreasonable. Thirty seconds.


The world has come a long way so I can have access to almost anything I want (and a lot that I will never need) on demand. But the fact that I don’t have to wait has eroded whatever patience I used to have.


I don’t think I’m the only person who is experiencing this.


In our culture we are being offered quick fixes for everything. It’s a chicken and the egg situation. I’m not sure which came first, the offer of quick fixes or our desire for immediate solutions.


Either way, they keep us busy. Our lives are full of quick fixes. Promises of short bursts of bliss.

Our days are dotted with dollops of dopamine yet we don’t seem happier.


Jump on a train or tram car full of people, everyone with their heads down scrolling instant media feeds, watching videos, messaging their 2346 best friends. They’re all engaging with apps and content that is designed to make their lives happier and easier and yet they look so fucking miserable!


[Don’t be offended, public transport patrons. I only know this because  I look up from my phone occasionally and notice the rest of you seem as dissatisfied as I am.]


We’ve become so entangled in the tactics of our lives – the thing we do because everyone else is doing it. We spend so much energy trying to be on trend, up to date and in the know that we lose sight of the bigger picture.


What’s my strategy?


How are all these little pieces, these tactics implementing that strategy?


How is the strategy moving me towards my goal?


What was the goal again?

Hang on. I’ve only got three more episodes of the latest season of Suits left to watch on Netflix. Let me finish them and then I’ll get back to working on my goals.


BTW, did you see that hilarious meme on instagram? Let me show you before we start watching…


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