One Job, Two Salaries

One job, two salaries. Sound too good to be true?

When you think about it, every job has them. A financial salary and a psychological salary.

The idea is straightforward. The financial salary is detailed in your pay slip. The psychological salary is how you feel about the work, how you feel about yourself for doing the work, and how you feel about those you work with.

The dream situation is to compensated well financially for work that stimulates you mentally and leaves you feeling proud, valued and virtuous.

When we volunteer our services or agree to a pay cut to do work that is meaningful to us the psychological salary can make up for the lack of monetary renumeration.

But no amount of cash in hand is going to leave you feeling good about work that is demoralising, depersonalised and depressing.

The good news for both employer and employee is that where the financial salary can be limited by resources, there are always ways to boost the psychological salary.

Employees who have a lot of job satisfaction, who are invested in the growth of the team and company are invaluable in creating a successful business. A good leader will look for opportunities to acknowledge the efforts of others and empower them with responsibility and purpose.

A wise employee whose energy at work is in a lull, will look around for ways to re-engage with the opportunities there that present themselves. Because although you can’t renegotiate your financial salary on your own, you can negotiate your mindset.

And a team member with a winning mindset increases their value exponentially.

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