Matthew Carey, Inc.

Daily Thoughts on Creativity, Leadership and Connection

Angel in the Rain

It’s not useful to wait to start until the conditions are perfect. If we only did our important work when there was blue sky and sunshine, when our ducks were in a row, when we were feeling energetic and inspired…we honestly wouldn’t get much done.

Don’t Follow Me On Twitter

We don’t need more broadcasts, we need more connection. We crave conversation. The best use of a tweet is to begin or continue a conversation. A conversation that is willing to hear other voices and respond to them.


We’re hardwired to seek out other people who share our values. Tribes are formed not among people who have what we have, or do what we do… unless they believe what we believe.

Line in the Sand

Words have the power to draw us together and the power to drive us apart. I applaud friend who stand up to express their frustration with politics and society but I’m sometimes concerned that the words they use to are actually widening the chasm in our culture.

The Cool Kids

A lot of us share the the feeling of not fitting in throughout our high school years. We experience a sense of isolation, as though we are outsiders and not one of the cool kids.

Artist, Inc.

Deep down we all harbour a fantasy: We do creative work, throw it in the mail — someone else sends us a contact and doesn’t bother us again. No-one gets to tell us what to do; our art remains pure and untouched. No interference. No pesky concerns about this or that....

Should. Own. Work.

A colleague of mine was telling me this morning “I know I should be making my own work.” I immediately recognised three key words in that sentence that I needed to unpack.

Be The Teacher

How might today be different if instead of approaching it like the student who doesn’t want to be in class you make the choice to step up and be the teacher?