People Like Us

Today I’m going out on a limb.


If you’re a somewhat regular reader of my site I’m going to suggest that:


  1. You’re an independent thinker who doesn’t automatically follow the crowd.

  2. You like to consider ideas and points of view that are different to your own. 
  3. When you discover something that really resonates (an idea, article, book or video) you like to share it with other people who might benefit from it too. 
  4. You ask questions of yourself and the world that elicit blank stares and disinterest when you try discussing them with most of the people you know. 
  5. You get excited when you’re able to connect the dots between two ideas and discover a brand new insight. 
  6. You’re not sure that ‘good enough’ is. 
  7. You’re willing to venture off the beaten path. (You can’t read this whole post on facebook – you’re one of the few who will actually click through and read instead of just scrolling past.) 
  8. You’re an early adopter. You don’t wait until the reviewers give it five stars before checking something out. (Believe me, I’ve seen my pageviews. You’re a really early adopter.) 
  9. You’re loyal. (I’ve written over eighty of these posts and you’re still here.) 
  10. It means the world to you to be recognised (seen and heard) and accepted, by people you care about, for who you really are.


I write posts like this for people like us. This is our tribe. Thanks for being here.


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