Speakers’ Corner

In the park just outside the Art Gallery of New South Wales is a podium in a space called Speakers’ Corner.

Every Sunday for over 130 years that podium has been the stage for impassioned free speech and public debate.

It’s been home to a vibrant community of creativity and criticism since the late 1870s.

Speakers’ Corner has attracted visionaries and idealists, philosophers and fanatics, hecklers and dissidents – and crowds of Sydneysiders who flocked to be entertained and engaged by colourful personalities.

Where is your Speakers’ Corner? What is the platform where you share your work, your ideas and your influence?

Where do the people who want to hear from you find you?

Where do you show up regularly with intent and purpose ready to engage with the audience willing to trust you with their attention?

Somewhere that, like Speakers’ Corner, your audience members can congregate with other people like them, who share their ideals and values.

Maybe not for 130 years. Perhaps you could think more long term?

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