Start Right

What can you prepare before you begin a project that will increase the chances of reaching your desired outcome?

The way you start can affect the energy and momentum of the whole process.

Your Warm Up.
Make sure your brain and body are awake. This may involve stretching or activating muscles, or an exercise to get the synapses in your brain firing.

Your Mindset.
Know the process you’ll be using, but let go of your attachment to a particular outcome. Be attuned to success, while accepting there will be some surprises along the journey. Allow for course correction along the way without losing sight of your destination.

Your Resources.
Have the tools and materials you need to begin. They don’t need to be shiny and new, just adequate and reliable.

Your Preparation.
Have your skills ready. Practise or rehearse those elements that you can acquire ahead of time. Perhaps there are situations that you’ll likely encounter along this journey. By deciding in advance how you’ll address certain stumbling blocks and challenges you increase your chance of success.

Your Team.
It’s valuable to assemble a tribe of people who share your vision of the future. Sometimes the people we traditionally look to for support anchor us to our past and present. The risk is that by wanting to protect us from potential failure they unconsciously handicap our future. A coach or teammate who will hold onto what they know you can achieve even when your own faith is wavering can make all the difference in getting you over the line. Before you begin, make a list of people you can call on when you need help and keep their phone numbers close by.

What you don’t need right now is the knowledge of how you’re going to finish.

Preparing for the finish line is a self-sabotaging waste of time.

Focus on how to start right and trust that rest will become clearer along the way.

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