Why You Have More In Common With Superman Than Clark Kent

Some days you feel more like the the mild-mannered reporter for the ‘Daily Planet’ than the Man of Steel. You’re not sure you’ve got the fake-it-til-you-make-it bravado to act like Superman today.

High performance coach Todd Herman reminds us that in this example, Clark Kent didn’t masquerade as Superman, but the other way around. The guy who was faster than a speeding bullet actually hid his super powers on a day to day basis so he could blend into society.

Don’t get me started with how messed up THAT is.

Let’s consider that re-frame and ask ourselves why we often adopt our mild-mannered persona as the default setting when we wake up each morning?

How might tomorrow be different if you woke up and declared to yourself –

“Damn! I feel more powerful than a locomotive. Today I’m going to be badass. I’ve got super powers of my own and I’m not afraid to use them. I’m going to employ every talent I have to power through all I want to achieve, while still having the time and energy to help someone in distress AND rescue a kitten from a tree.”

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