The Cool Kids

A lot of us share the the feeling of not fitting in throughout our high school years. We experience a sense of isolation, as though we are outsiders and not one of the cool kids.


Does any teenager feel like they fit in, that they are guaranteed acceptance; or do we all just tread water in the sea of insecurity and self consciousness at that age?


I certainly remember a time where I didn’t feel understood. That no-one else could know what I was going through, that they’d never thought the thoughts or felt the feelings that I was experiencing.


With the benefit of hindsight and having had the honour of teaching many teenagers since then, I find it ironic that the thing that all teenagers have in common is the feeling that they’re alone.


Sure we are different. We travel through life accumulating different experiences, knowing different people in different places. The way we each see the world is unique because of this.


But we all want to be accepted. Especially by the cool kids – even though your concept of who the cool kids is probably different to mine.


What if the key to being accepted is to be accepting? What if we had the power to achieve what we were seeking the whole time?


How many of us are well past our teen years and yet are still so focussed on asking why we haven’t been given what we ‘deserve’ that we neglect the opportunities we have to be generous towards others? I know I’ve been guilty of this more times that I like to acknowledge.


It gets back to the idea I first heard from Jerry Colonna. When we are focussed on wondering why other people aren’t accepting, why they aren’t giving us what we deserve, remember: “There is no other. Just us.”


Maybe we all would feel like the world was treating us with more justice if we focussed on treating others the way we want to be treated, seeing them the way we crave to be seen, hearing them the way we hope to be heard and accepting them they way we long to be accepted.

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