The Difference Between Your Art and a Sausage

The more you learn about the process behind making a sausage, the less you appreciate it.

The more you learn about the process behind making a work of art, the greater you appreciate it.

  • Who created this?
  • How did they make it?
  • Why did they create it?
  • Who were they making it for?
  • Who and what were their influences?

If your an artist who creates stuff (be it music, film, prose, dance, code, blueprints or great human experiences) remember that you can add to the value we perceive and receive by showing us your work behind the scenes as well as the final product. Share the story of your creation and its provenance with us, your audience.

Show me the sweat and the insights that go into making your art. Enlighten me.

And allow me to eat my processed meat in blissful ignorance.



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