What Can I Do Less?

My natural inclination is to work out how to do more.

Sometimes I’m very successful at it. I find myself more tired, more worried, more frustrated and more withdrawn.

What if the answer isn’t to do more?

What if I live in the question of “what can I do less?”


This question presupposes that I’m already equipped with everything I need to get through today, no matter how it unfolds.

[The likelihood of this is very close to 100%. I’ve survived every day so far. Even the ones that were a struggle while they were happening. On the days when I felt like I needed various combinations of more time, more energy, more money more support and more intelligence – I survived.]

As I begin my day, what can I do less?

  • I can drop some of the non-urgent items from my to do list this morning so I can get to work without rushing and in a better frame of mind.
  • I can take the pressure off myself about the unimportant things I try to make urgent.
  • I can remove the expectation that anything I do today needs to be perfect.
  • I can spend less time to worrying about the things I don’t have and more appreciating the things I do.
  • I can let go of what others should be doing for me and focus on being generous to them.
  • I can focus less on hard work and discover opportunities for creativity and play in the activities that fill my day.


At the very least, I’ll be completing the same essential tasks of my day, but feel less pressure and more happiness.

Beyond that – unburdening myself from the need to ‘do more’ allows me the opportunity to focus fully on experiencing the activities I choose.

Want to join me? What can you do less?

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