Where Do You Find Your Tribe?

We all seek connection. To be part of a tribe. Even those of us who embrace ‘standing out’ sometimes long to ‘fit in.’


We all have a number of social circles offline (family, colleagues, team mates, professional organisations, gym buddies, church community etc.) and online (social network friends, fans, groups and circles). While you share common interests with people from these circles, they might not satisfy the connection you seek from your tribe.


Your tribe can be a combination of the above circles, or a new one altogether.


The people in your tribe may:

  • Read similar things
  • Ask similar questions
  • Share similar world views
  • Hold similar beliefs
  • Embrace similar values
  • Seek similar experiences


When you find your tribe, you discover a safe place where you can be yourself, where you feel understood and where you fit in.


You might find your tribe online. The internet means it’s now possible to find and connect with other people who share even your most unusual or specialised interests. Facebook groups, forums and reddit are some of the places where tribes assemble ‘formally’ online, and of course people find each other and connect informally via twitter and other social networks.


While congregating online is valuable, offline meetups offer the opportunity to get tribe members together in the same space. The energy that is created when you bring together like-minded people is powerful and uplifting.


Where do you find your tribe? Do you actively seek out people that are engaged in thinking and work that aligns with your own?


If you don’t have an offline forum to connect with your tribe, how might you step up to create one? It can be as informal as inviting a few people to get together for coffee once a month. It could be hosting a private gathering (in your living room to begin with, finding bigger venues as the tribe grows). Perhaps it’s a public event along the lines of a workshop, meet-up or conference-style weekend.


The community you form through your leadership invites would-be members of your tribe into a place where they fit in. A safe place where their ideas can be heard and challenged in ways that help them think better. The benefits and opportunities your tribe can create are virtually limitless, but it all has to start somewhere.


Why not with you?


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