Who Can You Invite Into Your Circle?

What are you working on right now?


Who can you invite into your circle right now and how might that make things different?


  • the friend who’s always ready on the other end of the phone to help pick you up, dust you off and send you back on your way
  • the teacher you haven’t reached out to in eons
  • the student who would intern with you and help you through a jam just for the benefit of sharing some of your experience and wisdom
  • the contact who said “If I can ever be of help, let me know”
  • the guru with decades of marketing acumen
  • the dancer with an infectiously positive attitude
  • the consultant who has experience with the tools you want to use
  • the friend with the charm and chutzpah to open doors to new contacts
  • the friend who has battled the same demons as you and won
  • the partner who wants to understand what you’re working on and why it’s driving you crazy
  • the creative thinker who looks at the same situation but sees things differently to you
  • the fan who loves your work and is excited to share it with the world
  • the collaborator who will add another dimension or layer to your work
  • the guide who keeps you connected to your best self
  • the coach who challenges you dig deeper, be more authentic and more honest
  • the supporter that you want to be there to share in your success


When things are feeling stale, stuck or stagnant, remember there’s a world of wonderful humans out there. Some of them you already know and others you are yet to meet. Inviting them into your circle offers the chance to build a new relationship or reinvigorate an existing one and could add a shot of creativity and energy into your project.


H/T to Adam Lemmon of Badass Backpacks for reminding me of this today. He’s a very valuable member of my circle.

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