Are You Ready To Risk Your Art?

Brené Browne speaks in her classic TED talk about the notion that to be able to live wholeheartedly you have to be willing to risk your heart.

Whole-hearted people embrace the COURAGE to be imperfect. They understand that in order to show COMPASSION to others they must first be kind to themselves. They find CONNECTION as a result of authenticity – being willing to let go of who they ‘should be’ for who they are. Finally, they embrace VULNERABILITY and believe that what makes them vulnerable also makes them beautiful.

If we replace the word people with the word artist, is it possible to create work that is more wholeARTed?

Where in our work can we find opportunities to explore more courage, compassion, connection and vulnerability?

What impact could those qualities have on our art and how it affects our audience?

I suggest that as we dig deeper into each of these qualities we’ll discover potential to grow as artists and develop a much richer connection with those people who engage in our work.

Join me in living wholeARTedly.

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