You Are Ready Enough

We limit ourselves when we say “I’ll be ready when…”


“I’ll be ready” plays to our desire for security. “I’ll do it when I can be sure I won’t fail.”


The thing is, people like you who are reading this post aren’t satisfied with what they know they can do. Am I right?


You want to do more. You want to be more. You want your contribution to the world to feel significant.


At the same time you are scared. Partly about what other people will think about you if you don’t reach your goal, but mostly about what you’ll think about yourself.


I rarely feel ready when I begin a new project…


…and there comes a time shortly after I start the project where I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that I wasn’t ready…


…eventually I get to the end of the project and (not always, but usually) it’s gone well. I admit there were many moments during the journey when it wasn’t going well, but from the vantage point the final outcome I can call it a success. At that point, I realise “I was ready ENOUGH.”


You see, you don’t need to be ready to finish your project.


You just have to be ready enough to start.

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