You Can’t Argue With A Story

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel shared the story of his newborn son Billy’s heart defect, and the diagnosis, care and surgery given to him when he was only days old.


Kimmel was full of gratitude and thanks to the hospitals and staff that saved Billy’s life. He then took President Trump to task for proposing a $6 billion funding cut for the National Institute of Health, which was knocked back by Congress who instead increased the Health budget by $2 billion.


He emphasised that 40% of cuts to the public health budget would affect the care given to babies and children and argued that no parent should be placed in the position where they have to decide whether they can afford to save their child’s life.


This is a great example of the power of a story to express a point and to find common ground. We can argue another person’s opinion or point of view, but we can’t argue with their experience. Through his story (and his platform of a wide-reaching Late Night Show) Kimmel was able to make his point that health funding is essential in a way that is hard to argue with.


Watch for yourself and consider where sharing the story of your experience might be a better way to communicate your point of view.

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